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Different Types Of Groundnuts

Posted by Admin on April, 19, 2021

There are a wide variety of peanuts available all over the world. They come in different shapes and sizes. Mainly, peanuts are classified into four types: Spanish, Runner, Valencia, and Virginia. These types of peanuts are bestowed with several health benefits.

The other name for peanuts is Groundnut. Their growth is mainly noticeable to be in subtropical regions. Groundnuts are of great economic importance as well. They are aromatic and can be enjoyed in the form of peanut butter or candies. They have supreme taste, and research proves that groundnut oil is used in almost every Indian family.

Groundnut Kernels possess rich nutritional values. They contain the required amount of protein and fat. Not only that, they have superior commercial values as well. There are plenty of Groundnut Kernels Supplier all over India, and therefore, it has high market values in different countries.

Types of Groundnuts

Groundnuts belong to the "legume" family. Consumption of groundnuts brings positive changes to your body. One of the main factors is that they aid in enhancing your skin. They are of different types. Listed below are few different kinds of groundnuts available in the market space.

● Runner: It has been mentioned before that the cultivation of groundnuts has increased rapidly as a result of the growing demands of people. This type of groundnut originated during the 1970s and is still one of the best sellers. The size of their kernel is unique and is marked with superior uniformity. Runners are widely used to make peanut butter. They also possess several noteworthy health benefits.

● Virginia: The size of the kernel in Virginia is huge. The large kernels of Virginia are supplied in different countries that develop the profit rate. Gourmet snack peanuts can be prepared using Virginia because of their huge kernel. They have certain positive impacts on human health.

● Spanish: This type of groundnuts mainly contain a kernel of smaller size compared to Virginia. They have a slightly red color with brown patches. Peanut candies can be prepared using these types of peanuts. Unlike other types of peanuts, this type possesses a large amount of oil which turns out to be beneficial in the process of crushing for oil. Peanut butter can be made from Spanish, and it can be used as an evening snack.

● Valencia: The fourth type of groundnuts or peanuts is Valencia. There are multiple Kernels present in Valencia, and they are of small sizes. Their skin is generally bright red. Consumption of Valencia can add a sweet taste to your mouth. It can be roasted as well. Mexico is widely popular for the production of this type of groundnut.

These oval-shaped nuts are undoubtedly very beneficial. Groundnut oil is one of the most integral parts of Indian cuisine. Groundnut kernel holds significance because of its superiority in the market. Gujarat is one such city that is the hub of groundnut production. Groundnut Kernels Wholesale Supplier in Gujarat supplies their goods to foreign countries to enhance the market economy. Groundnut Kernels Wholesale is practiced in various cities in India and outside India as well.

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